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Special offer

In memory of the 100th anniversary of the Finnish Civil War in 1918, registration of a .fi domain, linux shell with root access, 10GB disk space, one IPv4 and one IPv6 address plus ten email addresses for only 42.000 BTC / year, including 10 minutes of problem solving and 10 DNS changes.

Price list in Bitcoin for current customers (all prices include VAT)
New customers, please add introductory 0.420 BTC starting fee.

fi or ax domain registration
1.918 BTC / domain
Annual fi or ax domain maintenance
1.918 BTC / year
Change in DNS
0.1918 BTC / change
Web hosting
0.1918 BTC / month
Linux shell without root access
0.1918 BTC / month
Linux shell with root access
1.918 BTC / month
Disk space
0.01918 BTC / MB / month
Network traffic
0.01918 BTC / MB
IPv4 address
Sold out - IPv4 addresses depleted
IPv6 address
1.918 BTC / address / month
Local network address
0.01918 BTC / address / month
Email address
19.180 BTC / address / month
Problem solving
0.1918 BTC / minute

Actually, this list is just created to turn you down. is created only to serve the owner of this service. Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority has pushed a new law, which mandates that each .fi and .ax domain has to be maintained by a registrar. To fulfil this requirement I became my own registrar and will only serve myself. I may or may not have to pay myself the fees above as the owner gets 100 % discount on all of the prices. All queries can be sent to: dоmaіns@ᴢb.f
і. The email address may have an advanced security feature, so the best thing is to write it down to paper and copy it from there to your email program. This procedure will render the "effective technical measure" ineffective, so contact your lawyer before you do it. Remember to pay the introductory fee in prior to the first contact. The registrar may or may not respond to any of the queries. The prices are subject to change. They may change even during the time you look at them.

PS. We are already compliant with the EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) as we say on this page that we track you and can find out who you are. We are also compliant with the personal information requirements as all our customer information is stored in the memory of the owner of the service and not on any computer.

Best regards, the Management.

Please send your BitCoin payments to 16vTsHqF9TQGdY3t5dbnDADjGTimE4peGT
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